Time – An Owner’s Most Critical Asset

It is a common lament heard in business today, expressed in a variety of ways:

“There are not enough hours in the day”

“Where did the time go?”

“I just ran out of time”

What these expressions all reflect is the precious nature of that most valuable and fleeting of resources…time.  But while almost everyone in the working world today faces the challenge of meeting ever-increasing responsibilities within a fixed amount of time in any given day, this challenge is particularly critical for the owner of a growing company as the business begins facing complexities and risks that have never been encountered before.  These new challenges require attention and focus from someone within the organization in order to be addressed and resolved in a way that supports the ongoing growth and well-being of the business.

The Danger Zone

As is illustrated in the book, “The Danger Zone, Lost in the Growth Transition”, written by Jerry Mills, founder of B2B CFO®, too often the new challenges of growth are addressed by the owner himself and result in additional duties being added directly to his personal to-do list.  The danger to the business is that the owner, who is commonly the sole visionary and future thinking leader within the company, is distracted from that critical role.  The business begins to suffer because the owner is forced to spend more and more time on internal company issues instead of maintaining a focus on his customers and the market-place in which he competes.

Finders, Minders and Grinders

The book describes how all companies have “Finders” (the entrepreneur who has the vision for how his products or services will provide value to his customers now and in the future), “Minders” (accountants, administrators and other employees who manage the day-to-day internal mechanisms required to operate the business and tend to report on and live in the past), and “Grinders” (those employees that actually make the products and deliver the services and tend to live in the present, with little concern for the past or the future).

A B2B CFO Can Help

But if you are one of those time-starved owners struggling to keep focused on your Finding responsibilities, I can help.  As a seasoned CFO with over 25 years assisting privately-held middle market companies navigate the increased complexities and risks arising from growth, I can help you preserve the precious time you need to attend to high value Finding activities and keep those necessary, but routine Minding activities off your to-do list.  Whether it is in implementing internal process improvements to better handle increased sales and production demands, resolving new tax or regulatory compliance issues, providing training and mentoring to existing accounting and finance staff, or building cash flow forecasting models, I can ensure that you continue to have the time to focus on the high value Finding activities required to allow your company to effectively respond to the ever-changing competitive environment in a way that sustains and enhances its overall value and competitive strength.

For a complimentary Discovery Analysis™, which will provide insight into opportunities for an owner to get more time for fulfilling his critical Finding responsibilities and benchmark the company’s performance against its industry competitors, please contact me at (415) 286-1360 or stevemoya@b2bcfo.com.


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