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Optimizing Your Cash Flow

A statement of cash flows can be an important tool in planning and managing a company’s cash flows. What is it? A statement of cash flows starts with a company’s profit or loss and then specifies areas where cash has increased or decreased. If used as part of a company’s planning process, a forecasted statement… Read more »

Non-Crisis Cash Flow Forecasting & Planning

Cash flow forecasting and planning is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business, yet most small and medium sized businesses neglect this critical task. Inevitably, cash flow crises will develop, causing unnecessary business risk, not to mention owner indigestion. At B2B CFO®, we do all we can to help our business owners avoid this… Read more »

Don’t Say the “B” Word…

Oh no, it’s the dreaded “B” word.  Ok, let’s just come out and say it. BUDGET! But before all the negative thoughts emerge, substitute the word “Profit Plan” for budget.  Then extend the exercise into 3 years, making this document into the “Forecast.” The first year of the Forecast becomes the 2016 Budget, or more… Read more »