Steve Solodoff

Davis, CA
35 Years of Experience

About Steve Solodoff

Steve has over 34 years of experience as a CFO as well as having owned his own businesses. He has worked in a wide range of industries including software, financial services, distribution, retail, manufacturing, construction and real estate. His experience encompasses a wide diversity of situations, from start-ups to mergers, acquisitions and sales, as well as turn arounds and growth-oriented companies. Steve is well versed in all aspects of business operations including financial, banking, legal, tax, audit and operational functions. Key to his success has been his ability to achieve premium values for Owners and CEOs by presenting and marketing the company to outside parties in the best light and most attractive ways possible, whether that be for a sale, for bank loans or in other negotiating situations; this has facilitated numerous sales at premium values as well as gaining favorable loans and other contract terms.

Steve’s prime maxim has always been one word: Cash. Through in depth and comprehensible cash flow projections and analysis, both short, intermediate and long term, he has consistently been able to help guide Owners and CEO’s through their business strategies and help them to achieve their goals, thereby increasing the value of the information needed to run a company. He is also keenly focused upon sales and service strategies and processes aimed at driving financial results, ultimately increasing value to those companies he has served.

A major focus of Steve’s services is geared toward increasing the valuation of the company with an eye toward the ultimate sale of the company at a premium value. Steve has been involved with a number of company sales which resulted in large premium values to its owners, including the consummation of a $100 million-dollar sale of a start-up company. He has led the presentation and negotiation of various transactions which have been the key factor in the successful sale of those companies.

Steve’s perspective is that of a partner with the Owner or CEO, not only aiding them in running their business, but additionally using his ability to create and oversee an effective corporate infrastructure, thereby allowing Owners and key executives to concentrate on their roles rather than focusing on non-essential duties. He has consistently been able to significantly reduce legal costs through drawing up legal documents himself, which are more boiler plate than customized, thereby saving considerable legal expenses on contracts and other instruments, as well as managing attorneys and other outside parties which often spiral out of control when left to themselves.

Other areas of expertise include; raising capital, banking relationships, budgeting, staff management, sales oversight, auditing, financial presentations, tax strategies (which have resulted in significant tax savings or refunds a number of times), maintaining and negotiating customer and vendor relationships, board presentations and advisory functions, mergers, ESOP funding, leasing and debt financing.

Steve has a BBA in Accounting from Hofstra University in New York graduating magna cum laude. He has two children, aged 19 and 16, and has been a Californian for the last 30 years. He enjoys backpacking and camping as well as having a passion for basketball, and of all things, physics. He is a seasoned advisor who can partner with you toward achieving your goals and relieving you of non-essential responsibilities so you can concentrate on the essentials of your business.

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