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Petaluma Chamber of Commerce,


Petaluma Sunrise Rotary, New Life Christian Fellowship

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Shane’s Bio

I am a financial executive with 30 years of experience, working almost exclusively with small and mid-sized closely held companies. I have a wide range of experience to draw upon in helping my clients. I also have the support of over 200 partners in 45 states that I can call upon for answers to difficult questions. My goal is to work with 5-10 small to medium-sized companies at a time where I can use my experience and skills to make a significant positive impact. Most entrepreneurial companies get off track at some point. I am able to give the business owner(s) goal clarity, returning the fun and profitability to the business model. Specialties: exit planning, litigation support, business plans that make a difference, cash flow planning that is more than wishful thinking, being a business partner, not another consultant.

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Recent Articles

ESOPs – They Work!!

You may have noticed previous articles I have written on the virtues of ESOPs – Employee Stock Ownership Plans.  An ESOP can be set up and used to purchase your business, thereby providing you, the business owner, an avenue for a successful business exit.  ESOPs come with a ton of regulation and are not for everybody, but sometimes they make sense.   When is an ESOP a good Choice? An ESOP might be a viable mode of exit if the

Risks to Know Before Selling Your Business

B2B CFO® is at it again Just a quick heads up to let you know that the B2B CFO® Northern California partners will be presenting a free educational seminar sometime in the summer/fall of 2017 called “Risks You Need to Know Before Selling Your Business.”  The series will be based on the 4th edition of our book The Exit Strategy Handbook©, will include several of our current white papers, and provide an introduction to our proprietary B2B Exit™ software.           “I’ve got

Jun 2Shane Campbell

B2B CFO® – Strategic, not Tactical Partners

Jun 2Shane Campbell

How To Keep Your Job (If You’re A CFO) ByPYMNTS Posted on June 1, 2016® There are market forces at work threatening the job of the chief financial officer, and we’re not just talking about the role automation and robots can play in replacing human employees. A new generation is taking the lead at U.S. corporations, and with new management, comes demand for younger (read: cheaper) talent. That’s according to Jerry Mills, professional CFO and founder of B2B CFO. The

Sonoma County Business Sale Tsunami

In B2B CFO’s The Exit Strategy Handbook, we provide statistics that reflect an upcoming “tsunami” of businesses that will need to transition to new ownership over the next 20 years.  We estimate that 378,000 businesses, on average, will hit the market annually over the next 20 years. Our conclusions are based on census data showing there are 28 million U.S. businesses, of which 43% are owned by individuals belonging to the Baby Boomer generation, of which 60% will eventually go to

How to Limit Your Business Valuation in 3 Easy Steps

We at B2B CFO® talk often about how to increase your business valuation.  Maybe it’s time we talk about common ways that small and medium sized business (“SMB”) owners unwittingly sabotage their company’s value. Focus on Tax Avoidance. Sure, we all love to minimize tax.  Some methods are perfectly legitimate and will not affect your business valuation since they are added back in the determination of EBITDA, which is usually the key factor in valuation.  Examples are accelerated depreciation, owner

ESOPs – Truth or Fables?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can make wonderful business exit vehicles in some circumstances.  That said, ESOPs are commonly misunderstood and prematurely dismissed from consideration by business owners when considering a business exit.  Some would even go so far as to compare the claims of ESOP proponents to the works of the ancient Greek writer Aesop.  Aesop wrote fictional and often contradictory stories known as fables.  Yes, the claims of ESOPs can often seem to be that of fables, or

Mar 9Shane Campbell

Exit planning, Succession planning or Transition planning?

Mar 9Shane Campbell

We know. Its hard to keep up with so many terms. What are the differences between exit planning, succession planning, and transition planning? There is no right answer, but here’s how we keep the terms straight.     Succession Planning Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new people to assume leadership positions.  Sometimes those individuals also assume ownership. Succession is often a generational concept.  A first-generation business owner who wants to gradually turn the reins over to

Jan 3Shane Campbell

Now for Something Useful…

Jan 3Shane Campbell

Recently I blogged about the need for goal setting in the form of a 2016 budget aka “Profit Plan.”  You say “I’ve done that in the past, and it didn’t pan out.” I understand, but consider this. As if on cue, a close friend and brother recently referred me to a great book entitled “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. Olson reminded me that the attainment of goals doesn’t occur in quantum leaps, but rather by the mundane daily repetition of

Non-Crisis Cash Flow Forecasting & Planning

Cash flow forecasting and planning is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business, yet most small and medium sized businesses neglect this critical task. Inevitably, cash flow crises will develop, causing unnecessary business risk, not to mention owner indigestion. At B2B CFO®, we do all we can to help our business owners avoid this usually avoidable risk and the resulting anxiety.  Avoiding cash flow difficulty allows our clients to stay out of crisis mode and thereby maintain focus on

Don’t Say the “B” Word…

Oh no, it’s the dreaded “B” word.  Ok, let’s just come out and say it. BUDGET! But before all the negative thoughts emerge, substitute the word “Profit Plan” for budget.  Then extend the exercise into 3 years, making this document into the “Forecast.” The first year of the Forecast becomes the 2016 Budget, or more appropriately termed, the 2016 Profit Plan. The good news is that it’s not that difficult to assemble.  Start with your chart of accounts for structure

Business Growth Workshop in Santa Rosa – Lunch and Learn on October 20th

North Bay Area Entrepreneurs, The economy has rebounded and you are likely considering strategies for growth and increased profitability. For assistance, you may have considered a complimentary Discovery Analysis from B2B CFO®  or seen our video on Growing Profitably. Now is clearly the time to commit to a growth strategy that will allow for increased sales, profitability, and business valuation for an eventual exit. I will be discussing these concepts in greater detail as one of the presenters at an

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names B2B CFO among Nation’s Top 100 Small Businesses

B2B CFO® continues to receive recognition on a national scale, this time being recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce.  As reported by Jerry L. Mills, B2B CFO’s Founder and CEO, attended the Small Business Summit to receive the award and participate in congressional meetings to discuss the importance of a political climate that supports small business and free enterprise. “We are honored to receive this award in recognition of the 200+ Professionals in our firm who work hard

Mar 9Shane Campbell

Shane Campbell, Partner with B2B CFO

Mar 9Shane Campbell

  Exceed your expectations!

Dec 7Shane Campbell

The Business Exit Tsunami is Coming!

Dec 7Shane Campbell
Rocky Shore With Waves

Inc. Magazine just completed a survey of the 2014 Inc. 500|5000 winners, of which B2B CFO® was one. I saw this graph and wanted to share it with you. 32% of the business owners are planning to exit in the next 1-5 years. There are roughly six million employer firms in the US.  If 32% of those businesses seek an exit in the next five years,  that would be 384,000 companies that will go up for sale per year. That figure

Jun 9Shane Campbell

The Baby Boomer Tsunami is Coming

Jun 9Shane Campbell

  Jerry Mills, founder and CEO at B2B CFO talks more about the pending “tsunami” of businesses that will come up for sale over the next decade or so, and what small and medium sized business owners need to do now.  

Exit Planning Demands Teamwork

As many of you know, a big part of what we do at B2B CFO® is Exit Planning. A small/medium sized business owner only has one shot at successfully transitioning his/her business.  Success depends on the talents of many professionals including CPA’s, attorneys, M&A firms, etc. We don’t try to do that alone. Instead we combine forces with some of the best professionals in the country to bring a collaborative and comprehensive solution for business owners wishing to exit. What you


The Exit Strategy Handbook

Prestigious award honors individuals for meaningful contributions to middle market M&A Jerry L. Mills, founder and CEO of B2B CFO® and B2B Exit was named among the five finalists for the Middle Market Thought Leader Award, an annual honor bestowed by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors® (AM&AA), the leading association and credentialing body for middle market M&A professionals. This annual award was designed to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions and impact on the middle market M&A

Sign Up Time for the 2014 Sonoma County Backroad Challenge

The Petaluma  Sunrise Foundation and the Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Club are once again collaborating and gearing up for the May 17, 2014 Sonoma County Backroad Challenge cycling event.  Sponsors are signing up, the course is being refined, food is being reserved, rest stations are being secured and non-profit groups are applying to help in putting on a great day for the riders.    As a way to say thank you for signing up early, we will include the pictured beer glass free

Dec 9Shane Campbell

B2B CFO Business Exit Planning – Inc. Magazine

Dec 9Shane Campbell

BUSINESS VALUATION Give Me More for My Business BY JEREMY QUITTNER A new survey shows entrepreneurs want higher valuations for their businesses, but are uncertain about the sale process. The valuations of social media companies and other technology darlings are sky-high these days. But a recent survey of fast-growing smaller companies shows that while most plan to sell their businesses, they also think their businesses are undervalued. B2B CFO, a company that provides businesses with CFO services and exit-strategy assistance, conducted the survey

Sonoma County Backroad Challenge Cycling Event – May 17th, 2014

Please save May 17, 2014 – the date of the 2014 Sonoma County Backroad Challenge.  Signups to start next month at

Fast Growing B2B CFO

B2B CFO® is back in the news as a three-time repeat winner of the Inc.  500/5000 award for fast growing companies.  Additionally, our new Exit Strategy Handbook is flying off the shelves at Amazon.  Please see our full-page ad (below) in the current Inc. Special Report “Meet America’s Hottest Entrepreneurial Superstars”    

For Aging Entrepreneurs, Assistance With Exits?

As posted on PE HUB, by Steve Bills, email author, posted on: July 08, 2013 Buy-out pros pride themselves on their ability not only to do deals and build companies but also to exit their investments in an efficient, profitable manner. Jerry L. Mills suggests they might find it beneficial to offer some of that expertise to small businesses that could become deals for them in years to come. Mills, the founder of B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO services

When Should You Sell Your Business?

This is a great question and possibly one of the most import decisions a business owner will ever make.  Please click here for a brief discussion:


Sometimes it’s nice to get brief, straight-forward, no nonsense answers to business questions without all the jargon. There really doesn’t need to be a shroud of mystery surrounding finance topics.  Finance is not rocket science, but then again, any topic is challenging if it is unfamiliar to you.  So here goes my best shot at answering some of the questions people leave when visiting my website.     How can a Company improve financial performance? How does bank financing work,

Is QuickBooks good accounting software?

Yes.                                                                               There is a reason that QuickBooks has a 90% market share in the small and medium sized business demographic.  The software is inexpensive, user-friendly for non-accountants, flexible, and capable of creating just about any information needed.  Even poor data entry can normally be cleaned up easily by those of us who have become QuickBooks Pro-Advisors.    QuickBooks has many features which allow highly efficient and effective data entry.  The use of QuickBooks “items” allows similar transactions to be

How does bank financing work, and should I use it?

It’s rare that a company can effectively grow without the assistance of bank debt.  Managed right, debt is our friend.  Purchases of equipment that will last several years should be financed over a term of 5-7 years so that the debt payments are matched by cash inflow from customers that buy the goods you created from use of the new equipment.  These are referred to as “term loans.”  Working capital loans, or “lines of credit,” represent short-term borrowing that bridge

How can a company improve financial performance?

Improving financial performance first requires that you compare your company’s performance against the competition.  Most owners of small and medium sized businesses are caught up in the daily details of business and require a little help in identifying the profit leaks in their operations. At that point, you have direction for improvement, and as we say at B2B CFO®, “first direction, then velocity.”  Goal clarity comes into sharp focus once troublesome areas are identified and can be met head on.

Can a CFO (“bean counter”) really help increase sales?

Many people in business wouldn’t think so.  But the answer is yes.  A good CFO takes care of things you would otherwise be distracted by, thereby freeing you up to increase sales.  If you are like most small and medium sized business owners, you have gradually over many years allowed yourself to get away from the highest and best uses of your time.  Instead of hunting for new clients, customers, processes, products, suppliers, etc. you now spend a great deal

Why do companies need timely and accurate financial statements?

Financial statements are so much more than year-end tax reporting.  Monthly reports are a key indicator to smart business people as to how they are performing, and how they can improve.  If you own a small or medium sized business, you surely work very hard. Shouldn’t that hard work translate into measurable success? Accurate financial statements provided no later than ten days after the end of the month will allow you, the smart business owner, to make appropriate course corrections

What is EBITDA, and why is it important?

What is EBITDA? EBITDA stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.  Put more simply, it is a gauge for outsiders to determine how much cash your business would generate if they bought it.  Most businesses sell for 4-6 times EBITDA.  Yes, EBITDA is very important. If you are planning to sell your business someday, don’t shortchange yourself by understating your income or overstating your expenses in order to avoid income taxes.  Every time you do that, you stand

Is my business efficient?

There are several ways to look at efficiency.  Here are a couple of my favorites. Gross profit percentage.  In 30 years of finance, the truly successful companies I have worked with all had gross profit percentages of 40% or higher.  The goal for 40% margins makes a lot of sense once you consider that at least 10% will be swallowed up by general and administrative expenses (aka “blood-sucking overhead”).  Then there is sales and marketing.  Companies rarely grow unless they

When is a good time to sell my business?

That question is best answered by starting with the end in mind.  How much money, after tax, must your business sell for in order to create a nest egg sufficient for you to live the lifestyle you want to live after the sale?  That’s the starting point.  Now compare that price to what your business is currently worth.  The gap between the current value and the selling price you need will determine when it will be time to sell.  The

Balance sheet – How can I improve my company’s financial condition?

There are only three ways to improve your financial condition. The first is to take money out of your personal savings and deposit it into your business account.  If you are asking this question, you’ve probably already done that several times. The second way is to take money from a new business partner including friends, family, an angel investor, a venture capitalist, etc.  Some of the world’ biggest companies have flourished from such a relationship, but many, many more have

Business Basics – Why do so many small businesses fail?

Business Basics – why small businesses fail Early stage companies often fail, not because they don’t have a good product or service, but because they are undercapitalized.  The entrepreneur miscalculates the amount of time it will take for the product/services to catch on, or the amount of capital it will take to finance the equipment and working capital needed for sustainability. Business basics – Running a later stage business with goal clarity Later stage companies fail less often, but do

May 9Shane Campbell

Big Customers that Pay Slow

May 9Shane Campbell

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Procter & Gamble is looking to extend payments terms to suppliers from 45 to 75 days.  They are actually late to the game.  Some large companies are demanding terms of 60–100 days. My clients have seen similar behavior from large dominant companies including Boeing, PG&E, United Natural Foods, and others.  My personal opinion is that that these large companies’ treatment of their smaller suppliers is detrimental to everyone concerned, let alone unethical.  America

May 3Shane Campbell

Your Sales are Stuck at $3 to $5 Million, and What to Do About It

May 3Shane Campbell

Sales Growth Comes to a Halt I recently read that there are nearly 23 million small and medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”) in the US. Those businesses represent the core of the US economy, producing more than 50% of the nonfarm private gross domestic product.   They also employ half of all private sector workers.   But after four years, roughly half of the business start-ups die.  Of those that survive, most struggle to achieve their full potential.   My observation over 30 years in

Now Accepting B2B CFO® 2013 Smart 25 Awards™ Applications

The Smart 25 Awards™ are presented annually by B2B CFO® to honor fast-growing and successful U.S. companies. The awards honor companies that are proven and consistent job-creators, and/or have experienced rampant growth, and/or that have shown the highest increases in working capital. We shine the national spotlight and promote these Smart 25™ companies each year as part of our stature as the largest CFO firm in the country. The 2013 award ceremony will be held on April 26, 2013 in

You Can Only Manage What You Measure

For many small and medium–sized businesses (SMB’s), there is a stark disconnect when it comes to truly understanding the cost of product/services.  Specifically, the disconnect comes into play when tracking (or not tracking) labor costs. Many companies purchase raw materials and/or components, assemble finished goods, and then erroneously determine their costs based on those inputs alone, ignoring the labor factor.  Why?  Because tracking labor is more involved and doesn’t come easy in an SMB’s world of QuickBooks® accounting.  Don’t get

Mayan Calendars, Fiscal Cliffs, and Your Business

I just checked on Yahoo News® and I’m happy to report that the “Mayan Apocalypse” did not occur at 9:11 PST today, contrary to the Mayans’ prediction a few thousand years ago. Considering this cataclysmic possibility, I must admit that I considered moving to Cincinnati since Mark Twain said “If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati.  Everything comes there ten years later.”  Thankfully, I stayed put here in Petaluma. Now I’m reading that the

Oct 2Shane Campbell

Succession Planning For Dummies

Oct 2Shane Campbell

I am seeing a lot of succession planning experts in the news, seminars, blogs etc. these days.  And rightfully so.  As noted in my prior blog, somewhere between 8 and 10 million small U.S. businesses owned by baby-boomers will come to market over the next ten to fifteen years.  These statistics suggest a looming and protracted buyer’s market.  So getting a fair value for your business will be a challenge, requiring advanced planning and considerable forethought. But so many business

MSSB partners with B2B CFO for small business clients September 10, 2012 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB), a joint venture by Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, has partnered with Phoenix-based B2B CFO to meet both the corporate and personal wealth management needs of privately held businesses and their owners. The alliance, which will be executed through MSSB’s Professional Alliance Group, paves a way for B2B CFO to refer clients to MSSB, which offers chief financial officer services to companies across the country. Under this relationship, clients referred by B2B

Kenneth Kaufman of CFOWise Pays $220,000 for Admitted Copying and Violation of Federal Copyright Law

Federal Court rules to protect B2B CFO’s Intellectual Property, settlement ends lawsuit with former partner Kenneth Kaufman sued by B2B CFO for copyright infringement, Lanham Act violations, Federal RICO (Racketeering) violations, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breach of fiduciary duty. PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE) – In midst of widespread intellectual property misappropriation, Jerry L.  Mills and B2B CFO are pleased to announce the settlement of their  lawsuit against former partner Kenneth Kaufman and three of his entities, including CFOWise. “By executing this Agreement, Defendant Kenneth A.

The Coming Small Business Exodus

You’ve heard the statistics.   Somewhere between 8 and 10 million small U.S. businesses owned by baby-boomers will come to market over the next ten to fifteen years.  That sounds like a buyer’s market to me.  That is why it is also predicted that less than 20% of these companies are expected to have a successful exit.  So how will you be the one in five to exit successfully?  How will you stand out among the crowd? The best place to

So You Want to Sell More?

I know, I know.  What does a bean-counter, accountant geek know about sales?  Actually more than you might think.  But setting aside all pre-conceived notions, I wanted to share an article I discovered today.  It’s about the physiological changes in people who are asked to talk about themselves.  It is really quite fascinating.  Here is the article: Facebook, Twitter, other social media are brain candy, study says By Deborah Netburn May 8, 2012, 2:05 p.m. In her article, Deborah says:

Off to the Races

The economy is clearly in the early stages of recovery.  GDP for last quarter has now been unexpectedly upgraded to 4%.  The manufacturing sector has led the way to recovery and is stronger than it has been in some time.  Employment, one of the last leading economic indicators, is improving. Many of my clients, not surprisingly, are seeing incredible opportunities in the market place.  But to address these opportunities, they must find capital to finance the acquisition of raw materials

Natural Gas is Cheap – Good or Bad News?

I have blogged on this subject before, but now things are different.  Now some of the energy industry’s brightest minds actually agree with me.  Natural gas is clean burning, plentiful, and as liquid natural gas (“LNG”) makes a wonderful automotive fuel.  There is a reason that Boone Pickens, Chairman of the Board at Clean Energy,  spent over $80 million of his own money to promote the “Pickens Plan“, which essentially called on America’s leaders to adopt an energy policy which

B2B CFO Announces the Call for Nominations and Event Sponsors for the Inaugural

  “Smart 25 Awards”   Nominations for the Inaugural “Smart 25 Awards” are being accepted through March 20, 2012   B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO services firm, is accepting nominations for the first annual “Smart 25 Awards” through March 20, 2012. The award program recognizes outstanding companies and individuals for driving smart business growth in one of the toughest economies.   Honorees and finalists will be celebrated during the awards ceremony on May 4th, 2012, at the Aria Resort in

Why Sponsor a Charitable Event?

In navigating through the challenged business environment over the last three years, all discretionary expenditures, large and small, had to be carefully considered and weighed in terms of return on investment. Not coincidentally, discretionary corporate giving has decreased during the recession. Fundraisers like the Sonoma County Backroad Challenge, conversely, rely heavily on corporate donations and sponsorship in order to cover fixed costs and assure positive fundraising results. Many companies realize, however, that corporate donations and corporate sponsorship are not synonymous.

Jan 3Shane Campbell

The Discovery™

Jan 3Shane Campbell

So The Discovery™ process is all about listening, which takes a little time, but is infinitely more productive than traditional “selling.”

Jan 3Shane Campbell

How to Outsource Your Finance Department

Jan 3Shane Campbell

Firms offering outsourced finance personnel are quite common, from large national firms such as B2B CFO and Tatum to teams of just a few consultants working virtually. Search the terms “fractional CFO” or “part-time CFO” to get a good selection.

Nov 4Shane Campbell

B2B CFO’s Record Growth Surpasses 200 Partners and Shapes New Leadership Team

Nov 4Shane Campbell

“I’ve often said that we are an overnight success that’s been 25 years in the making” CEO and Founder Jerry Mills

Oct 6Shane Campbell

Sonoma County Backroads Challenge Cycling Event – Northern California Wine Country

Oct 6Shane Campbell

Petaluma Rotary will hold the 2nd annual Sonoma County Backroads Challeng cycling event in the Spring of 2012.

B2B CFO® Keeps Impressive Company at the INC 500/5000

B2B CFO® to present at the INC 500/5000 with a list of high profile companies

The safest way to fire an employee

“Whether the employee wins in court is not even the greatest concern. The cost of defense as well as the countless hours of disruption to the company will likely be the most expensive part of the transaction.”

Mar 6Shane Campbell

B2B CFO® Honored by US Chamber of Commerce

Mar 6Shane Campbell

 Each year the Chamber of Commerce solicits small businesses from across the nation to submit applications for the small business of the year award which are presented in conjunction with America’s Small Business Summit 2011, held May 23 – 25. During this process, the Chamber receives many deserving applications and nominations from members and nonmembers across the country. B2B CFO® was among one of the applicants this year. All of the applicants are evaluated through a rigorous scoring process that

Mar 6Shane Campbell

Tasks of a CFO

Mar 6Shane Campbell

A CFO’s main and most important task is really quite simple. To do everything necessary to free up the time and energy of the business owner so that the business owner can do what is truly important – grow the company. Growing the company means finding new customers, increasing sales to existing customers, and developing new products through innovation and evolution.

Century & half century cycling events

“There are several ways to lend your support: You can donate your time as a volunteer at our event, donate money as an event sponsor or best of all sign up to ride your bike as a participant in our event.”

Why do you need a CFO?

“I will often ask ‘how much in additional annual sales do you think you could you bring in if you were to free up an extra 8 hours per month?’ Maybe $100,000? Maybe a million dollars? Maybe more?”

My top 5 predictions for business in 2011

“There will be a massive jump in corporate mergers and acquisitions. S&P 500 companies are bloated with cash and eventually must find a home for it or face falling return on assets. This M&A frenzy will eventually find its way down to the small business demographic.”

Where to go for small business funding in Petaluma

“Most bankers tell me they still want to lend money, but only under the right circumstances, and only to the companies that have good management and have demonstrated past business success.”

What is the true cost of an employee?

“What good is calculating cost when we have not calculated benefit? But maybe we are still not looking at this question right. Maybe we should be more concerned with the cost of replacing that employee.”

Now you’re the boss: The 5 things your boss didn’t teach you

“Simply having what you perceive to be the best product or service in the industry/area will not ensure business success. It’s only a start.”

Feb 9Shane Campbell

Tips for business decision making

Feb 9Shane Campbell

“Beginning with the end in mind will normally give clarity of thought and allow for prudent decision making that will have long-term, lasting, positive effects on your business.”

Feb 6Shane Campbell

How a start up can survive in Petaluma?

Feb 6Shane Campbell

“The rate varies by industry, but on average, 75% of start ups will fail by the 10th year of operations. With these high-powered individuals at the helm, why do so many start ups fail? More importantly, what can you do to avoid the high probability of becoming startup “road kill”?”

Feb 4Shane Campbell

Tips for profit growth in Petaluma – Part II

Feb 4Shane Campbell

Profit growth, business improvement, sales

Feb 3Shane Campbell

Exit Strategy – What options are there to exiting my business?

Feb 3Shane Campbell

Since a typical business owner’s net worth is usually tied up mostly in his/her closely-held business, it stands to reason that the exit event should be carefully considered and preferably crafted by experienced professionals so the business owner can achieve their exit goals.

Feb 2Shane Campbell

Tips for profit growth in Petaluma – Part I

Feb 2Shane Campbell

“You work very hard in your business and you should end up keeping at least 10% of what you sell as profit. Who wants to work as hard as you do and keep less than 10%?”

But I don’t want to sell my business…

I hear that frequently. Good for you if your business brings you satisfaction and a level of income that you are comfortable with. Nevertheless, there will come a day when you will exit your business, which preferably will be on your terms and in accordance with a carefully constructed exit plan. That won’t be the case for most business owners though.

Oh, so you want to collect your receivables?

Most companies are really good at their craft, providing their products/services to customers with excellence. Fewer companies are as good at selling their products/services, most managing to just get by. Even fewer companies are good at collecting receivables after the sales process is presumably complete. Collecting receivables is really a simple process, contrary to what some may think. I promised in my last blog that I would follow up on this subject, so here it is. The answer is really very

Nov 2Shane Campbell

Accounts receivable – Should sales personnel be involved in collection?

Nov 2Shane Campbell

Hopefully you have seen the Dos Equis beer commercials now airing where an actor is fictitiously characterized as “the world’s most interesting man.” The narrator’s descriptions of this man’s many attributes are widely exaggerated and hilarious if you, like me, appreciate hyperbole.  For those who haven’t met the world’s most interesting man yet, here is a clip:

Alternative energy, venture capital, and common sense

When it comes to solving climate change and reducing our nation’s annual $800 billion dependence on foreign oil, everyone seems to have an opinion: Solar, nuclear, clean coal, wind energy, natural gas, bio-fuels, hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid cars, and many other alternatives are advocated by various groups. Unfortunately, each group seems to believe that their particular solution or “pet project” is the only answer. This exclusivity leads not to cooperation for the greater good, but instead to warring factions among


My son Kenny is a freshman at Sonoma State which sponsored an Ultimate Frisbee tournament  this last weekend.  If you are not familiar with Ultimate Frisbee, think of a passing league football game played with a Frisbee instead of a football.  Included in the competition were the likes of UC Berkeley, Stanford, Cal State Humboldt, and other colleges.  Kenny got to play a few games on the Varsity  team knows as the “Grapes” (wine-country humor), and a few more on the JV “Crepes” team.  Sonoma