Non-Crisis Cash Flow Forecasting & Planning

Cash flow

Cash flow forecasting and planning is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business, yet most small and medium sized businesses neglect this critical task. Inevitably, cash flow crises will develop, causing unnecessary business risk, not to mention owner indigestion.

At B2B CFO®, we do all we can to help our business owners avoid this usually avoidable risk and the resulting anxiety.  Avoiding cash flow difficulty allows our clients to stay out of crisis mode and thereby maintain focus on the task of managing and growing the company.

I have developed a 13-week Excel-based cash flow projection tool that is designed to help identify future cash challenges long in advance.  Measures can usually be taken to address and/or avoid looming cash flow scarcity if a business owner knows of the scarcity well in advance. This Excel tool is simple, but quite effective in predicting future cash flows, in a timely manner.

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