Minerva Project – Giving Back to Non Profits

Minerva – Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts

The Minerva Project ia an intentional collaboration between non-profit organizations who need help and Professional Consultants who want to make a contribution to changing our social landscape for the good while sharpening their own skills.

I am donating some off my services and skills to assist some of the non-profits in my local community. Many non-profits can benefit greatly from the skills and experience that a part-time CFO brings to the table. I provide part-time CFO services to a number of companies. Many non profits are in need of some additional help in this area. I can help by setting up business plans, cash forecasting and strategic planning. They are very grateful to have someone help them, providing some senior level skills on a pro bono basis that their existing staff may not have.

The Minerva Project has scheduled an upcoming confab on February 25 at the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster in Rohnert Park, CA. The confab is where the consultants match up their skills with the needs of attending non-profits. To learn more about the Minerva Project and the confab go to their website http://www.theminervaproject.org/.

If you are interested in joining the confab as a consultant or as a non profit please feel free to contact me.

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