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essence5 Launches Mariposta, a Magical New Web Publishing Platform Optimized for Tablets.

This is one of our clients at The Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project. They are now launching their new software Mariposta. Mariposta provides all the tools needed to create gorgeous magazine-like websites with hardly any effort that work on tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Congratulations to them on their success!

With amazing features like CloudStamp, which will instantly load images from popular cloud services like Dropbox & Flickr, and Chrysalis, the magical visual editor which makes it super-simple to add photos and text to stunning templates made by expert graphics designers, Mariposta is truly pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the open web.

Co-founders Jared White and Rosemary White have over 15 years of experience in the fields of web development, design, and creative production. Says Jared: “After several years of frustration trying to build web sites on platforms that simply couldn’t scale to the new world of mobile devices and particularly tablets, I set out to build a Tablet-First CMS that could generate high-quality output with a minimum amount of effort for ‘normal’ people. Tablets are now powerful enough to do amazing things via web technologies like HTML5 & CSS3 that rival the best app-based digital magazines. The market is ready for a next-generation web publishing platform, and I believe Mariposta is the right product at the right time.”

Read more about it here: Hot Off the SEP Press.


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