Game Plans and the Big Game

With the Super Bowl fast approaching you can be sure that both teams are working around the clock on their game plans.

NFL football teed up

Simply put a game plan is what your best course of action will be given certain conditions, current score, field position, game time remaining, etc. By thinking about your actions in advance you can come up with what will work the best without the pressure of the moment clouding your judgement.

Operating your business should be run the same way, with a game plan, also called a budget or forecast. Before the year starts you should think about where you want your business to go in the coming year or years. And then plan how best to get there.

Exiting your business should also have a Game Plan!

It should be based on realistic facts and knowledge. Realistic knowledge of your options to exit and the effect on your personal bank account. Realistic knowledge of what your business might be worth. Realistic knowledge of what is involved in exiting a business. Realistic knowledge of the potential pitfalls. Realistic knowledge of the best time to exit to maximize value.

ExitFor most entrepreneurs, the Biggest Game they will ever be in will be when they exit their business. It is critical to have a well thought out Game Plan for this life changing event.

The Exit Strategy Handbook© from B2B CFO® is your best guide for the best possible transition for your business. We also offer B2B Exit™ Software that walks you through every step of the process. We are here to help and happy to discuss your options with you without any obligation.

Best of luck in the Big Game!


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