FAQs EinsteinSometimes it’s nice to get brief, straight-forward, no nonsense answers to business questions without all the jargon. There really doesn’t need to be a shroud of mystery surrounding finance topics.  Finance is not rocket science, but then again, any topic is challenging if it is unfamiliar to you.  So here goes my best shot at answering some of the questions people leave when visiting my website.



How can a Company improve financial performance?

How does bank financing work, and should I use it?

Is QuickBooks good accounting software?

Why do so many small businesses fail?

How can I improve my company’s financial condition (balance sheet)?

When is a good time to sell my business?

Is my business efficient?

What is EBITDA, and why is it important?

Why do companies need timely and accurate financial statements?

Can a CFO (“bean counter”) really help increase sales? 

I hope my responses are helpful.

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