Exit Planning Demands Teamwork

As many of you know, a big part of what we do at B2B CFO® is Exit PlanningA small/medium sized business owner only has one shot at successfully transitioning his/her business.  Success depends on the talents of many professionals including CPA’s, attorneys, M&A firms, etc. We don’t try to do that alone. Instead we combine forces with some of the best professionals in the country to bring a collaborative and comprehensive solution for business owners wishing to exit.

What you may not know is that B2B CFO® has teamed up with Morgan Stanley through a national affiliation to assist in providing full-service exit planning.  In Northern California, we have partnered with The Redwood Empire Group at Morgan Stanley. Greg Cho, Bill Vick, Toni Sprouse and John Ringgenberg have a combined 90 years of experience in financial services.  We think very highly of their abilities, and work closely with them when one of our clients is entertaining a business exit.

It makes little sense to work hard, obtain success, and then exit your business, only to squander away the wealth and liquidity the exit brings. However, that is often the result when not using the talents of highly qualified financial planners and wealth advisers like The Redwood Empire Group at Morgan Stanley. We are very fortunate and proud to call Greg, Bill and John our friends and partners, helping us to provide unparalleled exit planning services to small and medium sized business owners in Northern California.


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