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Oh, so you want to collect your receivables?

Most companies are really good at their craft, providing their products/services to customers with excellence. Fewer companies are as good at selling their products/services, most managing to just get by. Even fewer companies are good at collecting receivables after the sales process is presumably complete. Collecting receivables is really a simple process, contrary to what some… Read more »

Accounts receivable – Should sales personnel be involved in collection?

Hopefully you have seen the Dos Equis beer commercials now airing where an actor is fictitiously characterized as “the world’s most interesting man.” The narrator’s descriptions of this man’s many attributes are widely exaggerated and hilarious if you, like me, appreciate hyperbole.  For those who haven’t met the world’s most interesting man yet, here is… Read more »

Alternative energy, venture capital, and common sense

When it comes to solving climate change and reducing our nation’s annual $800 billion dependence on foreign oil, everyone seems to have an opinion: Solar, nuclear, clean coal, wind energy, natural gas, bio-fuels, hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid cars, and many other alternatives are advocated by various groups. Unfortunately, each group seems to believe that their… Read more »


My son Kenny is a freshman at Sonoma State which sponsored an Ultimate Frisbee tournament  this last weekend.  If you are not familiar with Ultimate Frisbee, think of a passing league football game played with a Frisbee instead of a football.  Included in the competition were the likes of UC Berkeley, Stanford, Cal State Humboldt, and other colleges.  Kenny… Read more »