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So You Want to Sell More?

I know, I know.  What does a bean-counter, accountant geek know about sales?  Actually more than you might think.  But setting aside all pre-conceived notions, I wanted to share an article I discovered today.  It’s about the physiological changes in people who are asked to talk about themselves.  It is really quite fascinating.  Here is… Read more »

Off to the Races

The economy is clearly in the early stages of recovery.  GDP for last quarter has now been unexpectedly upgraded to 4%.  The manufacturing sector has led the way to recovery and is stronger than it has been in some time.  Employment, one of the last leading economic indicators, is improving. Many of my clients, not… Read more »

Natural Gas is Cheap – Good or Bad News?

I have blogged on this subject before, but now things are different.  Now some of the energy industry’s brightest minds actually agree with me.  Natural gas is clean burning, plentiful, and as liquid natural gas (“LNG”) makes a wonderful automotive fuel.  There is a reason that Boone Pickens, Chairman of the Board at Clean Energy,… Read more »

The Discovery™

So The Discovery™ process is all about listening, which takes a little time, but is infinitely more productive than traditional “selling.”

The safest way to fire an employee

“Whether the employee wins in court is not even the greatest concern. The cost of defense as well as the countless hours of disruption to the company will likely be the most expensive part of the transaction.”