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ESOPs – Truth or Fables?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can make wonderful business exit vehicles in some circumstances.  That said, ESOPs are commonly misunderstood and prematurely dismissed from consideration by business owners when considering a business exit.  Some would even go so far as to compare the claims of ESOP proponents to the works of the ancient Greek writer… Read more »

Exit Planning Demands Teamwork

As many of you know, a big part of what we do at B2B CFO® is Exit Planning. A small/medium sized business owner only has one shot at successfully transitioning his/her business.  Success depends on the talents of many professionals including CPA’s, attorneys, M&A firms, etc. We don’t try to do that alone. Instead we combine… Read more »

Big Customers that Pay Slow

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Procter & Gamble is looking to extend payments terms to suppliers from 45 to 75 days.  They are actually late to the game.  Some large companies are demanding terms of 60–100 days. My clients have seen similar behavior from large dominant companies including Boeing, PG&E, United Natural Foods,… Read more »