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Optimizing Your Cash Flow

A statement of cash flows can be an important tool in planning and managing a company’s cash flows. What is it? A statement of cash flows starts with a company’s profit or loss and then specifies areas where cash has increased or decreased.…

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FAITH…Do you need it to be successful in business these days?

Webster defines FAITH as to have “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”.

I received an urgent phone call recently from a business owner that was panicking over not getting his business line of credit renewed.  He was upset that for 100 years his family business had banked with this certain bank and now was at risk of not getting the line of credit renewed for the upcoming production season. …

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Finding the right business advice in Sacramento

There is a seemingly endless supply of advice to entrepreneurs on what and how to improve your enterprise.  Some of it is insightful and very helpful and some of it, even with the best intentions, is a waste of time and money. …

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Game Plans and the Big Game

With the Super Bowl fast approaching you can be sure that both teams are working around the clock on their game plans.

NFL football teed up

Simply put a game plan is what your best course of action will be given certain conditions, current score, field position, game time remaining, etc.…

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B2B CFO Extends Leadership Position in Mid-Market Business Transitions


Company sees widespread adoption of its proprietary exit strategy software, increased demand for expertise as owners of mid-market companies struggle to sell their businesses

B2B CFO, nation’s largest CFO and business transitions services firm, today released a summary of its Partners expertise in exit strategy leadership, highlighting a rapidly expanding client roster for business transition work and widespread adoption of the firm’s proprietary exit strategy software.…

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