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ESOPs – They Work!!

You may have noticed previous articles I have written on the virtues of ESOPs – Employee Stock Ownership Plans.  An ESOP can be set up and used to purchase your business, thereby providing you, the business owner, an avenue for a successful business exit.  …

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Selling A Business – Reasonable Expectations of Buyers

Having your business in good order before presenting for sale

Potential buyers are attracted to your company because it has valuable products and services and they believe that they can run the business as good as or better than you do.…

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Finding the right business advice in Sacramento

There is a seemingly endless supply of advice to entrepreneurs on what and how to improve your enterprise.  Some of it is insightful and very helpful and some of it, even with the best intentions, is a waste of time and money. …

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Game Plans and the Big Game

With the Super Bowl fast approaching you can be sure that both teams are working around the clock on their game plans.

NFL football teed up

Simply put a game plan is what your best course of action will be given certain conditions, current score, field position, game time remaining, etc.…

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Risks to Know Before Selling Your Business

B2B CFO® is at it again

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the B2B CFO® Northern California partners will be presenting a free educational seminar sometime in the summer/fall of 2017 called “Risks You Need to Know Before Selling Your Business.”  The series will be based on the 4th edition of our book The Exit Strategy Handbook©, will include several of our current white papers,picture1 and provide an introduction to our proprietary B2B Exit™ software.…

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