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The 2017 Fires Underscore the Need for Exit Planning

The Event The October 2017 Northern California wildfires were the worst in the state’s history. Victims were traumatized by 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts and fire that week. Evacuees grabbed their children and pets with only moments to spare in some cases.  The fires caused 42 deaths, destroyed over 8,000 buildings, and displaced 100,000 people in three counties.… Read more »

Selling A Business – Reasonable Expectations of Buyers

Having your business in good order before presenting for sale Potential buyers are attracted to your company because it has valuable products and services and they believe that they can run the business as good as or better than you do. The price they will pay can be based on any number of factors both… Read more »

Integrity, commitments and anxiety


Sometimes it is easy to deliver on my commitments. Sometimes it is very hard and that can generate anxiety. In one of my networking groups we have been discussing the issues of integrity, commitments and the anxiety that can arise from the conflicts caused by having too many things going on at once.  Here are… Read more »