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Selling A Business – Reasonable Expectations of Buyers

Having your business in good order before presenting for sale

Potential buyers are attracted to your company because it has valuable products and services and they believe that they can run the business as good as or better than you do.…

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Time – An Owner’s Most Critical Asset

It is a common lament heard in business today, expressed in a variety of ways:

“There are not enough hours in the day”

“Where did the time go?”

“I just ran out of time”

What these expressions all reflect is the precious nature of that most valuable and fleeting of resources…time. …

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Game Plans and the Big Game

With the Super Bowl fast approaching you can be sure that both teams are working around the clock on their game plans.

NFL football teed up

Simply put a game plan is what your best course of action will be given certain conditions, current score, field position, game time remaining, etc.…

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Integrity, commitments and anxiety


Sometimes it is easy to deliver on my commitments. Sometimes it is very hard and that can generate anxiety. In one of my networking groups we have been discussing the issues of integrity, commitments and the anxiety that can arise from the conflicts caused by having too many things going on at once.  …

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Gross Margin

Gross Margin – Increasing your Business Margin

Gross Margin Analysis


Simply stated, Gross Margin is the value of sales less the total cost of the product or service sold. GM is a critical number for any business. Frequently expressed as a % of Sales it can vary widely between industries.…

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