B2B CFO® Honored by US Chamber of Commerce

Each year the Chamber of Commerce solicits small businesses from across the nation to submit applications for the small business of the year award which are presented in conjunction with America’s Small Business Summit 2011, held May 23 – 25.

During this process, the Chamber receives many deserving applications and nominations from members and nonmembers across the country. B2B CFO® was among one of the applicants this year. All of the applicants are evaluated through a rigorous scoring process that results in Blue Ribbon Small Business Award winners. In addition to the Blue Ribbon Awards, the Chamber also recognizes 25 companies as the “Free Enterprise Honorees” commended for their strong business practices and contributions to the economy.

We are pleased to announce that B2B CFO® was selected among the 25 Free Enterprise Honorees! For a complete list of the award recipients please see the below link, and scroll down to the Free Enterprise category.


In a congratulatory email that B2B CFO® founder Jerry Mills received from Margaret Shepard from The US Chamber, she said: “The Chamber is proud to recognize your business’ success story and are impressed with your company’s accomplishments. You can look for your company listed in the March issue of Free Enterprise magazine (…). An official letter from our CEO, Tom Donohue, will be mailed to congratulate you on your award. Also, you are invited to download this Free Enterprise Honoree web sticker to proudly display on your website. We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C., for America’s Small Business Summit 2011, May 23 to 25, where we will honor B2B CFO® along with other award winners at a breakfast on Tuesday, May 24. I look forward to seeing you in May!”


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