Sonoma County Business Sale Tsunami

In B2B CFO’s The Exit Strategy Handbook, we provide statistics that reflect an upcoming “tsunami” of businesses that will need to transition to new ownership over the next 20 years.  We estimate that 378,000 businesses, on average, will hit the market annually over the next 20 years. Our conclusions are based on census data showing there… Read more »

How to Limit Your Business Valuation in 3 Easy Steps

We at B2B CFO® talk often about how to increase your business valuation.  Maybe it’s time we talk about common ways that small and medium sized business (“SMB”) owners unwittingly sabotage their company’s value. Focus on Tax Avoidance. Sure, we all love to minimize tax.  Some methods are perfectly legitimate and will not affect your… Read more »

Value Your Company

Company Value – Part 1 What determines your company’s value when it comes time to sell it? ANSWER: EBITDA times the Multiple considered appropriate for your business by a willing buyer. Discussion: Part 1 – What is EBITDA? It is Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. But calculating EBITDA is not as simple as… Read more »