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Jan 22Carl Wiseman

When is the best time to plant a tree?

Jan 22Carl Wiseman

There is an old saying: “When is the best time to plant a tree? Best answer: 20 years ago, second best answer: now!”

While this is a whimsical old saying, it still rings true when planning for your business’ eventual transition.…

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Now for Something Useful…

slight edgeRecently I blogged about the need for goal setting in the form of a 2016 budget aka “Profit Plan.”  You say “I’ve done that in the past, and it didn’t pan out.” I understand, but consider this.

As if on cue, a close friend and brother recently referred me to a great book entitled “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson.…

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Non-Crisis Cash Flow Forecasting & Planning

Cash flow

Cash flow forecasting and planning is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business, yet most small and medium sized businesses neglect this critical task. Inevitably, cash flow crises will develop, causing unnecessary business risk, not to mention owner indigestion.…

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Don’t Say the “B” Word…

HeadlightsOh no, it’s the dreaded “B” word.  Ok, let’s just come out and say it.  BUDGET!

But before all the negative thoughts emerge, substitute the word “Profit Plan” for budget.  Then extend the exercise into 3 years, making this document into the “Forecast.” The first year of the Forecast becomes the 2016 Budget, or more appropriately termed, the 2016 Profit Plan.…

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Nov 10Jim Collins

Crowdfunding– An Entrepreneur’s Panacea or Much Ado About Nothing?

Nov 10Jim Collins


On October 30, the SEC published its rules for Crowdfunding as part of its Regulatory Responsibility under the JOBS Act.  So now everyone can crowdfund and raise a ton of money with minimal regulatory scrutiny, right?. . . Well not quite.

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